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Ishqbaaz 15th March 2019 Last Episode :-(( Shivaansh And Mannat Unite

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Shivaansh recalls Shivaye’s words. He sees Sahil moving and shuts eyes. FB reveals Shivaansh sees Sahil near the icecream stall. Sahil asks Pramod to take Shivaye and kill himhe will give him a lot money and manage everything. Pramod proceeds to take. Icecream seller sees him pointing the rifle and runs. Shivaye sees and turns PK. He states PK, set the weapon down. Sahil shouts take him PK. Pramod says I can not and goes apart. Shivaye sees with Sahil and states Sahil that you…. Sahil shoots his heart. Shivaye falls backagain. Shivaansh yells Papa and yells. FB ends. Shivaansh says Sahil murdered dad.Sahil inquires why would you want cash, he’s alive. The shooter states that time I’ll take him in the mind, he’ll perish on the place, I’ll take payment beforehand. Sahil states fine. He assesses and says that my account is blocked,How does this occur, it signifies Shivaansh… Shivaansh yells Mannat and sees her position over the rod platform using a noose in her neck. Sahil inquires where were you, I had been waiting. He drops the crutch and walks effortlessly. Shivaansh gets stunned and asks him to depart Mannat. Sahil says fine, sign those papers. Shivaansh inquires what’s it. Sahil says its the newspapers of your premises and company, you’re moving me everything.

Shivaansh states you did so for cash, you destroyed your sister’s house, you murdered her husband, you killed my daddy. Sahil says I’m intelligent, I killed your daddy and Mannat’s daddy went to prison, when I could kill my sister’s spouse, its easy for me to kill your spouse, sign the documents. Shivaansh says , I won’t ever give my daddy’s hardwork into his murderer. Sahil says I’ve fixed a bomb inside this home, even in the event that you save , you can not save themthey will be expiring if I press this button. He points gun in Shivaansh and asks him to sign. Shivaansh tears and signs the newspapers. Sahil asks what do you do, are you angry, you’re looking for smart. Shivaansh says take me, you killed my father on this afternoon, I need answers from you, why did you do so, Shivaye gave you a place in this home, what did you really do. Sahil says , I murdered Shivaye, I wanted revenge for my insult, your daddy sent me to prison, Anika struck me for him, I wanted his permission for whatever, I had been a beggar here, that’s the reason I gave money to her daddy to kill himthat coward could not do so, so I needed to kill your daddy, I believe history will repeat itself now.

Shivaansh takes the gun away from him says that this time history will not repeat itself, my father will get his or her murderer will get penalized. Sahil says that I will burst this whole residence. Shivaansh shoots rope. Mannat drops. He fires at the air and says you murdered my father, cheated me, obtained Varun here and destroyed Radhika’s lifetime, you blackmailed Mannat and compelled her to marry me. Sahil says that your bullets are you won’t get spared from this bomb. Shivaansh claims bomb will explode for you. Authorities includes household. ACP says you’re threatening of the bomb, we took no time in locating and defusing this, as a result of Shivaansh, we discovered Shivaye’s murderer. FB reveals Shivaansh freezing Sahil’s bank accounts and notifying ACP which Pramod is innocent, Sahil murdered Shivaye. He requests her help to create Sahil acknowledge the offense. FB ends. Nani scolds Sahil. Sahil is detained.

Shivaansh says sorry Sir, I chased you, why would you acknowledge this crime that you did not commit. Pramod states for the sake of my daughter, I could not give her joy, I simply wanted that no one hurts her, so that I whined. Mannat hugs Pramod and yells. She says . Shivaansh inquires where are you really moving. She says that my property. He states this is the property. She says , its your house. He states confusion is apparent, what is the issue now. She inquires can you ensure that you won’t imagine me or oust me . He states sorry, I must have thought you, I responded this way. She says I fulfilled with my father after several decades, but I did not stop expecting you. He states I’m really sorry, do not leave the home. She says we can not be together, you alter quicker than seasons. He states that I will change, regardless of what the time is, I’ll be exactly the same, I will establish it, give me a time. Khanna asks Mannat to come. She asks why did you get me . Khanna asks her to view it herself. He belongs. It starts raining. She loves the rains and smiles. Tanha sa kuch….plays… It starts snowing. Seasonal changes are revealed. The leaves of trees fall over. She plays with all the butterflies. Jaanejaan…plays….

Shivaansh states you have all of the four seasons today. She turns to him. He says that the marriage of Shivaansh and Mannat is similar to most of the four seasons coming together, it seems impossible but I left this potential only for youpersonally, you would like to leave me as you believe I change quicker than seasons, how do I describe that I sense all of the seasons would be same without you, I really don’t delight in any time, monsoon does not please me. He takes every seasons and step change. He says that I do not feel as though chilly in winter, fall blossoms and leaves do not appear to bring any odor, spring does not feel happy. He walks to her and says do you understand why, as you’re my seasons, as you’ve come in my own life, there were just difficulties, you struck me with a rock, you lost noodles in my own hair, along with the chocolate ice cream in my sneakers, even thenI did not want you to go out of here.

She inquires. He says since you’re my Mannat, I have habitual for you, I exist in case you’re with me, I’ll be nothing if you’re unfamiliar with me. She states state more. He says I will not talk as a filmi intimate hero, although I’m , should you expect me to suggest this manner, then do not anticipate, I’ll not go back on my knees. He moves on his knees. He says that I have not attracted a ring and that I will not hold your ring, so I will not place this ring on your finger. He holds her hands and leaves her wear the ring. Tanha sa kuch….plays…. He says that I won’t look into your eyes and say I adore you Mannat, please do not faint. She faints in his arms. She says I do not need you to wake me out of this fantasy. He states how will the fantasy get fulfilled in case you do not wake up, when is our love story start. She gets up and hugs him.

He asks did you mention anything, I did not heard, you ought to say something. She says you’re saying as in the event that you do not understand, I adore you, I fainted when I met for the very first time, when I’d meet you, I’d envision balloons and listen to songs, which was love. He says but that has to be like a lover, not of a spouse. She asks what’s your love of a spouse. He inquires am I supposed to describe that, alright. Jaanejaan…plays…. He kisses her.

Shivaansh and Mannat come to everybody. Everybody claps. Shivaansh says lets have a photograph. He reveals the pic of Shivaye, Anika, Gauri, Omkara, Rudra, Bhavya. Old season minutes are revealed. Shivaansh sees his loved ones happy. He believes thanks dad for showing me the ideal path, I guarantee that the direction you’ve tied the household together by love, I will not allow this family split, such as you and mother set an example of love, Mannat and that I will live that way all life, we’ll be Ishqbaaz, we’re those who sing the melodies of our hearts, that educate love to appreciate, we’re those Ishqbaaz. He sees Shivaye grinning and waves . Everybody gets pics clicked. Everybody yells Ishqbaaz Forever.

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