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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd October 2019 Upcoming Story: Anurag And Prerna’s Wedding Day

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Anurag stating I’ll fill sindoor on your maang, I wish to make you mine. He matches her maang with sindoor. They espouse. Hamesha tumko chaha….plays…. They think of the minutes. She yells. He fixes her tears and says we’ve united, Durga Maa is your witness for it. Mohini believes of Moloy’s cries and words. She believes of Prerna. She gets clothing from the cabinet. Prerna says I need sangeet, mehendi, haldi, shehnais, long ghunghat, grand wedding, all. Anurag claims all of your fantasies will be fulfilled tomorrow. She smiles. They espouse. He says that I love you. She says that I love you also. He says we’ll jointly face the tests of existence. She awakens and hugs. Ronit inquires how long are you going to remain within the space. Komolika says I Need to go outside and fulfill Anurag, I’m living

For him, I must convince him to repay the scores, Anurag slid from my hands, he’s just mine, I’ll get him. Mohini asks that is better.
Anurag claims this does not seem your kind. She smiles and says its own for Prerna. She reveals red saree. He states this one. She says I understand, I liked it, each Saas offers bridal wear for her Bahu, you understand Prerna’s choice, I desired you to pick. He says I’ll prepare and come, if you’re going to meet with her. He hugs her and says that I get double happy when I see you happy. He belongs. Kumud says you’ve confessed that servant daughter eventually. Mohini says I understand Anurag is quite joyful, nothing is more imp than me, I don’t have any alternative. Kumud says what it is you’re doing is accepting defeat, Prerna is making you bend low, she’ll force you to dance. Mohini asks her to go and perform her job. Kumud says its Durga Maa’s desire, poison will reveal its impact. She belongs. Anurag comes to Prerna and collides with her. She has hurt. He inquires are you currently fine. She says I’m little hurt. Mohini comes. Anurag states this is love, not stress. Mohini claims sorry. Anurag claims sorry, mum can also be here. Mohini provides shagun lahenga into Prerna. She’s her ancestral bangles additionally.

She blesses them. Prerna is going to touch her toes. Mohini hugs her. Anurag hugs them. Moloy and Anupam grin. Moloy says I’m so satisfied. Mr. Bajaj comes. He states I’d stolen your union day out of your life, I’m providing you the back again, I’ve already made all of the arrangements. Moloy says we believed we’ll perform the agreements. Mr. Bajaj says time was , I could not sleep through the night and made calls to organize matters. Kuki says I’ll make my mumma prepared. Mr. Bajaj asks them to prepare. Mohini and everybody go. Anupam reveals the sherwani. Moloy thanks him to the Kurta. He asks what exactly are you wearing in the day. Anupam says I will not inform you, its own Diwali clothing. Moloy sees other garments.

Anupam asks him to proceed. Mohini asks will be the agreements done. Kumud says , when is Nivedita coming. Tapur says she’s fine, she only had a plaster inside her hand. Kumud inquires how did she fall. Tanvi states Rishabh, its true, I told everything to Anurag, I’m sorry. Mr. Bajaj says its alright. He belongs to Anurag and states looking great. Anurag thanks him. He says I need to examine regarding the pandit. Maasi says it is possible to conceal it but I will see its hard for you. Mr. Bajaj says that I will endure as far as I can, then I shall head, their love is true. Pandit comes and claims there’s 1 hour to the mahurat, I’d come first, there was large Durga puja, I needed to disperse Mata chunri there, I’m glad viewing Moloy on his toes. Moloy states Mata’s blessing. Mohini compliments and smiles Anurag.

She believes I’m afraid that Prerna is arriving in his lifetime. Ronit gets stunned and finishes the call. Komolika asks what occurred, was it that the physician’s telephone, did he say anything. Ronit says noit was my buddy’s call, he explained Mr. Bajaj divorced Prerna. She smiles and says bad woman, I feel so awful for her, Mr. Bajaj does not desire her in his lifetime, she deserves extreme, no… just what a minute, it signifies Prerna and Anurag are together again. Ronit says , they will marry. She has stunned. She asks if is your union. He states now. She says , I can not permit this to happen, Anurag is my love, he can not marry anybody else, I’ll inform him that I’m Komolika, Anurag remains my husband, I must stop this marriage.

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