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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Anurag Returns Home

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with everybody stressing by the stormy winds. Komolika strikes Anurag’s automobile. The automobile drops down the bridge. Anurag jumps from the car. Komolika seems on. He drops in the lake. Prerna yells and says Anurag. 1 month after, Prerna does the aarti. She provides aarti to everybody. Prerna asks Nivedita for Tapur for breakfast. Mohini comes and prays. Moloy says you have late . Mohini says since Anurag is not here, its been one month today, I’m going to the temple to create a charity, possibly somebody’s blessings assist my son, call the police and ask them about him. Moloy agrees. He believes Prerna behaves strong facing us, we understand she’s also broken. Prerna asks servant to allow her make breakfast for Mohini. He asks her not to worryhe will do it. She says I enjoy doing so

For everybody. He states if Anurag had been here, he’d have…. She says he’ll come shortly.
Mohini says that is Anurag’s seat. Tapur says goes and sorry apart. Moloy says we have the place where the car dropped down from the lake, they stated they’re discovering. Mohini says Anurag is missing, I would like to understand about him, its been a month today. He states he’s my son too, do not worry, consider Prerna, she’s pregnant. Mohini says that you don’t worry for me personally, this occurred due to Prerna, she requested him for chunri, therefore that he went outside and did not return. Nivedita says please do not replicate it. Someone arrives. Prerna sensations Anurag coming. Moloy asks what occurred Prerna. Prerna protects and runs the diya. The sindoor drops over her from the end. Raja ram…plays… Anurag comes there. Prerna sees Anurag along with her pic. She yells and yells pic. Lag jaa gale…plays….

She cleans the sindoor out of her face. She asks when are you going to return Anurag. The door bell rings. Mohini states Anu…. . Kabhi khushi kabhi gham….plays… Moloy inquires who’s it, come in. Moloy Requires Anurag. Mohini and everybody run to him hug. Prerna cries. Moloy asks where did you proceed. Anupam claims that your car dropped down the bridge. Mohini says I had been going to temple now, where were you, inform me. Anurag says I have aware back some days, I had been in the hospital because a month, injury, I’ve saved by mommy’s blessings, I’m very grateful to the woman who saved me, ” she joined me with you . Mohini inquires who saved you. Anurag states I left her out. Komolika comes and states but I will not leave you so readily. She walks .

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