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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Basus Learn About Anurag’s Marriage

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Komolika believing exactly the identical puja smell, I’m back . She presents herself as Sonalika. Anurag says that she saved my own life, that is why, we’ve got married with no consent and blessing. Everybody becomes shocked. Komolika smiles. Moloy inquires what exactly are you saying, you were planning to get married to the day you left out of home. Komolika asks him to not remind him anything. Anupam asks her to not speak in between. Komolika states Anurag has dropped his tight memory, he does not recall anything that occurred in the previous couple of decades. Moloy inquires how can this occur, we’ll remind him. Anurag asks what occurred, remind me. Komolik says do not…. .

Moloy inform him everything. Komolika believes it appears to be a terrible incident repeat telecast. Moloy says I had been on a wheelchair For extended and then I have fine, you recall. Prerna cries. Komolika asks Moloy to discontinue it. Anurag attempts to remember and faints. They get stunned. Doctor checks Anurag. Komolika comes and claims I’m his spouse Ko…. Sonalika, really his remedy is going on. She believes that I did not get Anurag here to drop sick, he must get me my faith in this home. She behaves in front of everybody. She states Anurag’s life is valuable, he has saved by much trouble, I had been with him because per month, despite getting his very own hospital, we needed to call experts for himif anything happens to him, I’ll be shattered, I’m standing residing here, simply for him, my father was forcing me to marry a fighter’s son, therefore I’d run off, I had been driving the vehicle in pace, then…. .
FB indicates that the guys becoming Anurag to her asking her to shoot Anurag into the hospital. She asks them to place him at the vehicle. FB ends. She says I fulfilled Anurag and spared his life, he had been unconscious for extended time, I believed that he wants me, I had been with him if he got aware. FB reveals Komolika assembly Anurag if he gets aware. He asks what is this, how did I come here, are you a physician. She says , I spared your life. He asks what, from where, what is the moment, I’m getting late, I must go. Doctor says you’re unconscious as a month. Anurag says that which, I’ve a game now. Nurse requests him to observe that the calendar. Anurag gets shocked regarding the date. Doctor asks him to sit and calm down. Komolika states that you don’t recall me, I’m your spouse. FB ends. Nivedita asks if did your union occur.

Komolika believes I understood Nivedita will ask this. She states that he got aware even 5 times back, I had been hoping to remind himmy father reached there, he had been pulling me out, he’d called everyone in the temple for me married, however Anurag came between, possibly our destiny is linked, its a wonder, Anurag wed me to rescue me from this strong union, he’d clicked our pics to reveal it to that man, our union got finished, the goons came there and assaulted him, he obtained a headache, thank God authorities had come and detained goons, Anurag dropped his memory, he did not recall our union, I must understand he lost his memory, so I was glad that he lost memory of 2 decades, he’s nevertheless in Dec 2017, its better to overlook two decades than forgetting everythingtwo years moves so soon. She believes Anurag is outside of Prerna’s hands, I’m too great. She says I revealed our pics into Anurag, I’ve got the pics and movies too. They get stunned. She believes the family will feel my story.

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