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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Shivani Confronts Mohini

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Komolika says when the dying person does not know who killed her, then it’ll be injustice, she must know that. She requests Prerna to sit in the vehicle, she’s going to get medications for Anurag, she’ll drop her. Prerna says its alright. Komolika insists. Prerna sits at the vehicle. Komolika drops her property. She believes it was my property, I gave it to Anurag, he given this for you, no worries, I’ve come back and I’ll take my items back. Prerna gets her purse. She thanks Komolika. Komolika asks concerning the turn forward. Prerna says , its there. Komolika sees the filthy mud and believes I must do something. She makes the dirt drop over Prerna. She sees Prerna and laughs. She states sorry, I did not see you. She cleans her face with a tissue. Prerna says its ok, it might

Occur with anybody, I’m fine. Komolika states you’re sweet, I’ve made dirt fall above youthen you are not angry. Prerna says you ought to get medications and visit Anurag. Komolika says take good care. Prerna goes in the home.
Komolika says I’ll make you from everybody’s life. Shivani serves meals. She sees Prerna in the doorway. Prerna cries. Shekhar asks what occurred. Prerna states Anurag has return again. Suman says a fantastic thing, however you , is everything nice. Prerna states Anurag… I can not stay there. Shekhar asks what happened, let’s. Prerna states Anurag came back, so I can not remain there, everybody wants me to depart Anurag, he does not remember anything, anything occurred in last two decades, he does not remember me. They get stunned. Prerna says should I try to frighten himthen…. They inquire what. Prerna yells and runs to her chamber. Shivani says Mohini could have requested Prerna to depart, those individuals must answer me today.

Komolika asks Nivedita to not worry, everything will be OK. Mohini asks what exactly does your daddy go. Komolika believes coughing began. She serves tea. She says daddy had business in media and press. Nivedita says we additionally have Basu books. Shivani comes requesting for Mohini. Mohini belongs to her. Nivedita takes Komolika. Shivani claims its wrong. Mohini asks guards to throw Shivani. Moloy and Komolika appear on. Mohini asks her to escape. Shivani says you’d have a lot of cash, but not a hub, Prerna was active in taking care of you , she had been staying as your own son. Mohini says none could take my son’s location, Anurag was lost due to Prerna, he used to perform aarti, Prerna was carrying his position, my spirit burnt when she lit diyas.

Shivani says she’s done a great deal for you. She inquires Moloy how can he do this. Komolika believes lovely, its his turn today. Shivani asks Moloy to reply. Komolika this little cold can be hot… not awful. Mohini says I’ve made Prerna out, this was imp. Moloy says attempt to know, Anurag has lost his memory of past two decades, physician said its alright if he remembers on own, we cant remind himhe would go into coma. Shivani says you stress for himwhat occurred about sister. Mohini says that his lifetime got risked many occasions due to her, I can not take more danger, its better Prerna remains away, you do not attempt to come here, we’ve got no connection with you . Moloy stops her.

Mohini says other folks will probably be imp for you, my son is the most imp individuals for me. Shivani says we’ll try our best which Prerna forgets you . She belongs. Komolika believes you are my puppet now, Prerna you’ll be in poor condition. Suman says you’ve retained good relations with them, allow Veena come, I’ll tell her. Prerna says I’ll speak to mommy, sleep and go, I need to be alone. Suman says cease being gloomy, its not great for baby and you. Shekhar states inform me if you require anything. They move. Prerna cries. Shivani comes and states Mohini will recall it. Prerna inquires what exactly did you do. Shivani says I moved to Basu home. Prerna inquires why, this occurred, as its own right, you could not endure my tears. Shivani states Anurag has forgotten you, he has married. Prerna asks what is the use to state this, I’m in pain. Shivani states I wish to see you happy. Prerna says my heart says Anurag will recall what, I left that home, not expect, I’m awaiting the time once we meet again, my heart says that instant will certainly come.

Mohini thankfully does aarti. Moloy states you did puja now, I slept well after several days, why did you do puja now. Anurag comes and hugs Mohini. She says I told you, I’ll do puj if my child returns. Anurag says you did not change in a couple of decades. Moloy says that she will not change even in 20 decades. Anurag says you didn’t alter, I have an odd sense, so I believe much has happened in a couple of decades, great, bad… I do not recall, tell me . Kumud blesses him. Moloy says physician asked us to not tell him, we’ll inform him imp matters. Mohini says we can not inform about Komolika, which has been the worst aspect of his lifetime. Anurag asks them to state. Moloy says nicely, Tapur got engaged. Anurag inquires really. Moloy states Anupam…. I started licking him, company is fine, I fell sick. Mohini states Moloy satisfied with an crash that he had been and got migraines too. Moloy says I had been on wheelchair, Rajesh isn’t any longer. Anurag asks exactly what, how. Moloy says that he had been in the car, we met with the crash.

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