Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2019 Upcoming Story: Rhea Gets Jealous Seeing Prachi And Ranbir Together

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Pragya covering blanket Abhi and comes from space. Allah wariyan plays….She comes out and sees Rishi. Rishi says he’s sitting to send Prachi to her chamber. Pragya says thank you. She says when he (Abhi) increases consciousness in night afterward? She locks the door. Rishi says I need to ask something. Pragya asks him to not question . He says I only need to ask, did you have meals? She belongs. Rishi hunts because of his charger. Madhu opens and opens the lock. Ranbir inquires Prachi if she educated in the home she will be late. Prachi nods her mind. Aryan takes keymaker into the workplace. Key manufacturer doubts and asks if he needs him to unlock the business’s lock. He states you’re looking in the manner of a thief. Ranbir calls Aryan. Aryan informs that keymaker refused to open the doorway, believing

Him burglar and informs he is getting bad impression.
Ranbir asks Aryan to slip keymaker’s bag and runs there. He says if you conduct then he’ll run and come here. Aryan steals the vital manufacturer’s runs and bag. He’s there. Ranbir inquires when he brought the bag and asks where’s the primary manufacturer. Aryan says he’s coming. Prachi scolds Ranbir. Aryan says that he enjoyed quitting. Prachi scolds him teaching bad issue for his brother. The keymaker comes there. Ranbir informs him that he’s locked with his worker and informs the woman would like to go home. He states I shall reveal my ID details. Keymaker won’t open the doorway until he predicts Authorities. Ranbir requests him to know and informs the woman who’s stuck with him includes a boyfriend that doubts that she’s having an affair with him. He says she had been praying to Shiv ji and requested him to ship his bhakt. He says she’s maintained Shivji’s quick. The keymaker says that I shall open the doorway as she’s Shiv Bhakt and has maintained quickly. Prachi takes Ranbir to unwanted and asks why did he lie? Ranbir says you aren’t keeping quickly rather than having mad boyfriend, but somebody is awaiting you in your home. He states what matters is your final result. Keymaker opens the doorway. They come out. Ranbir hugs Aryan and states I’ll forget your prefer. Prachi also thanks Aryan and the keymaker. Keymaker asks if she’s fine and informs that she’ll wed her boyfriend. Aryan pays cash to the keymaker. Ranbir informs Prachi he will drop her property.

Rhea is from the car to visit smiles and office. Ranbir and Prachi are from the automobile. Prachi states you lied to the crucial manufacturer to find the door open. Ranbir says his head worked in the ideal time and he handled. Prachi inquires if he receives praising words free he praises himself a whole lot. Ranbir asks why she does not wish to commend him. Prachi asks him to stop the car and states you’re hungry. They reunite and comes into a neighborhood restaurant. Prachi says hot paratha is great here, but you can not eat. Ranbir says I’ll orders and eat hot paratha because of him. The guy/waiter functions them paratha. He asks that is spicy and requires the paratha. He believes it to be overly sexy and states I’m done. Prachi makes him eat with her hands. He coughs and has hiccups. Prachi asks the man to give him chilly water. Waiter asks him to consume milk and provides him milk. Prachi smiles and leaves him clean his face wash his mouth. Ranbir says you’re laughing at me and runs behind her. The server asks for cash. Ranbir states who makes these succulent paratha and provides him money. He comes to automobile and says that he wishes to get chocolate. Prachi and Ranbir depart in car. Rhea sees that out of her vehicle and gets stressed.

Rishi sees Prachi coming house and informs her that Maasi slept in her room. Prachi says okay and goes indoors. Madhu comes back and finds out the door bolt shut , she opens . Rishi gets busy working on his notebook. Rhea comes to Priyanka and informs that she’s prepared to perform what she stated. Priyanka inquires when? Rhea claims this Diwali. Priyanka states this Diwali will probably be lights on your lifetime and Ranbir will probably be together with you.

In the early hours, Shahana believes Maasi is sleeping until today and peeps indoors to ask her. She sees Abhi sleeping, but do not watch his face. Rishi takes Shahana off from that point. Pragya comes there and states who’s opened the doorway, did he depart? She’s inside and finds him sleeping. She believes to speak to him and ask him several times.

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