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The Episode begins with Komolika believing exactly the identical puja smell, I’m back . She presents herself as Sonalika. Anurag says that she saved my own life, that is why, we’ve got married with no consent and blessing. Everybody becomes shocked. Komolika smiles. Moloy inquires what exactly are you saying, you were planning to get married to the day you left out of home. Komolika asks him to not remind him anything. Anupam asks her to not speak in between. Komolika states Anurag has dropped his tight memory, he does not recall anything that occurred in the previous couple of decades. Moloy inquires how can this occur, we’ll remind him. Anurag asks what occurred, remind me. Komolik says do not…. .

Moloy inform him everything. Komolika believes it appears to be a terrible incident repeat telecast. Moloy says I had been on a wheelchair For extended and then I have fine, you recall. Prerna cries. Komolika asks Moloy to discontinue it. Anurag attempts to remember and faints. They get stunned. Doctor checks Anurag. Komolika comes and claims I’m his spouse Ko…. Sonalika, really his remedy is going on. She believes that I did not get Anurag here to drop sick, he must get me my faith in this home. She behaves in front of everybody. She states Anurag’s life is valuable, he has saved by much trouble, I had been with him because per month, despite getting his very own hospital, we needed to call experts for himif anything happens to him, I’ll be shattered, I’m standing residing here, simply for him, my father was forcing me to marry a fighter’s son, therefore I’d run off, I had been driving the vehicle in pace, then…. .
FB indicates that the guys becoming Anurag to her asking her to shoot Anurag into the hospital. She asks them to place him at the vehicle. FB ends. She says I fulfilled Anurag and spared his life, he had been unconscious for extended time, I believed that he wants me, I had been with him if he got aware. FB reveals Komolika assembly Anurag if he gets aware. He asks what is this, how did I come here, are you a physician. She says , I spared your life. He asks what, from where, what is the moment, I’m getting late, I must go. Doctor says you’re unconscious as a month. Anurag says that which, I’ve a game now. Nurse requests him to observe that the calendar. Anurag gets shocked regarding the date. Doctor asks him to sit and calm down. Komolika states that you don’t recall me, I’m your spouse. FB ends. Nivedita asks if did your union occur.

Komolika believes I understood Nivedita will ask this. She states that he got aware even 5 times back, I had been hoping to remind himmy father reached there, he had been pulling me out, he’d called everyone in the temple for me married, however Anurag came between, possibly our destiny is linked, its a wonder, Anurag wed me to rescue me from this strong union, he’d clicked our pics to reveal it to that man, our union got finished, the goons came there and assaulted him, he obtained a headache, thank God authorities had come and detained goons, Anurag dropped his memory, he did not recall our union, I must understand he lost his memory, so I was glad that he lost memory of 2 decades, he’s nevertheless in Dec 2017, its better to overlook two decades than forgetting everythingtwo years moves so soon. She believes Anurag is outside of Prerna’s hands, I’m too great. She says I revealed our pics into Anurag, I’ve got the pics and movies too. They get stunned. She believes the family will feel my story.

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The Episode begins with everybody stressing by the stormy winds. Komolika strikes Anurag’s automobile. The automobile drops down the bridge. Anurag jumps from the car. Komolika seems on. He drops in the lake. Prerna yells and says Anurag. 1 month after, Prerna does the aarti. She provides aarti to everybody. Prerna asks Nivedita for Tapur for breakfast. Mohini comes and prays. Moloy says you have late . Mohini says since Anurag is not here, its been one month today, I’m going to the temple to create a charity, possibly somebody’s blessings assist my son, call the police and ask them about him. Moloy agrees. He believes Prerna behaves strong facing us, we understand she’s also broken. Prerna asks servant to allow her make breakfast for Mohini. He asks her not to worryhe will do it. She says I enjoy doing so

For everybody. He states if Anurag had been here, he’d have…. She says he’ll come shortly.
Mohini says that is Anurag’s seat. Tapur says goes and sorry apart. Moloy says we have the place where the car dropped down from the lake, they stated they’re discovering. Mohini says Anurag is missing, I would like to understand about him, its been a month today. He states he’s my son too, do not worry, consider Prerna, she’s pregnant. Mohini says that you don’t worry for me personally, this occurred due to Prerna, she requested him for chunri, therefore that he went outside and did not return. Nivedita says please do not replicate it. Someone arrives. Prerna sensations Anurag coming. Moloy asks what occurred Prerna. Prerna protects and runs the diya. The sindoor drops over her from the end. Raja ram…plays… Anurag comes there. Prerna sees Anurag along with her pic. She yells and yells pic. Lag jaa gale…plays….

She cleans the sindoor out of her face. She asks when are you going to return Anurag. The door bell rings. Mohini states Anu…. . Kabhi khushi kabhi gham….plays… Moloy inquires who’s it, come in. Moloy Requires Anurag. Mohini and everybody run to him hug. Prerna cries. Moloy asks where did you proceed. Anupam claims that your car dropped down the bridge. Mohini says I had been going to temple now, where were you, inform me. Anurag says I have aware back some days, I had been in the hospital because a month, injury, I’ve saved by mommy’s blessings, I’m very grateful to the woman who saved me, ” she joined me with you . Mohini inquires who saved you. Anurag states I left her out. Komolika comes and states but I will not leave you so readily. She walks .

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The Episode begins with Komolika stating I need to block the marriage. She slaps Ronit. He asks what exactly do you wish to do, you wish to go there, they understand your fact, they’ll get you arrested. She says I can not sit by becoming fearful of authorities, I can not allow this marriage occur. Mr. Bajaj smiles seeing Prerna getting prepared. He states Maasi, I’ll depart, my heart isn’t too large, I can not view Prerna’s marriage occurring, we’ll inform Prerna our flight tickets have been reserved, only take Kuki. They come to Prerna. Maasi compliments Prerna. She inquires Kuki to come. Mr. Bajaj says we’ve got a flight to catch, we must go, but thanks to the love and concern, I’ve clarified Kuki, she knows. Kuki says kisses and yes Prerna.

Maasi says we’ll wait out. She belongs with Kuki. Mr.

Bajaj states Kuki will miss you a whole lot, I shall miss you, read this once we depart. She asks what is inside. He states you may read it once we depart, I would like to share some thing, I’ll miss you Prerna, bye. He belongs. She reads the letter…. Dearest Prerna, I understand you won’t want me , should you want some assistance, you can tell me, I’m always there. Komolika leaves at the vehicle. Mr. Bajaj remains miserable. Anurag asks what occurred. Mr. Bajaj states you’re blessed to possess Prerna. Anurag states Tanvi, Maasi and Kuki are departing. Mr. Bajaj says we’re departing, treat Prerna, else I must return in her own life, I’m serious. Anurag says and smiles do not worry, I’ll not trouble . Mr. Bajaj says perhaps we do not meet again, we’ll meet if you do not give her the love that is deserved. They shake hands. Mr. Bajaj says good bye Basu…… and leaves.
Anurag comes to Prerna. He states who won’t drop for you on seeing you like that. She asks him to give her praise, such as Maasi did. He states pandit has arrived, he informed about the significant puja, he had been giving chunri to everybody, which chunri is named Mata blessing. She states you’d have one chunri for me personally. He asks would you desire that. She says yes, but its late, I could sit mandap with no chunri. He says , I’ll get it for you, you’ve asked me for the very first time, I would like you to receive happiness. She says I do not need you to find happy. He kisses her and says that I will only come. She says I’m pregnant, you’re likely to be a daddy. He asks what…. Tere staged yara….plays…. They grin. He recalls and states that afternoon… She says we’re pregnant. He asks why did not you inform me, actually. He hugs her. She says very. He states I’m really happy, I adore you. She says that I love you also. He says that I will only come and go. He speaks to the baby goes. Mohini inquires where are you really moving. Anurag says Prerna needs chunri, I must receive it, halt the mahurat. Mohini says I’ve many chunris.

Anurag says I want to move, I will just come. Moloy jokes. Anupam asks Kumud to not state anything around Anurag, Mohini will become mad. Nivedita comes. Everybody yearns seeing her. She says I’m so pleased to see you like that, I’ll be fine soon. She hugs Moloy and Mohini. Anupam also hugs Nivedita and inquires are you currently fine. She says , plaster will be removed in a month, Tapur told me everything. She asks where’s Anurag. Mohini states I will state. Komolika states you are only mine, you can not be of anybody else, you love me, you attempted to rescue me. Ronit calls for her. He states why did I inform her that Prerna that an Anurag are marrying now. He throws the phone. He calls her . Anurag Understands the chunri to get Prerna. He leaves and believes finally I obtained this chunri, it had been the previous one. Komolika and Anurag get stuck at traffic. She has stunned seeing him. She follows his vehicle. Prerna gets stressed and believes what happened to the weather, so why’s my heart stressed.

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The Episode begins with Anurag stating I’ll fill sindoor on your maang, I wish to make you mine. He matches her maang with sindoor. They espouse. Hamesha tumko chaha….plays…. They think of the minutes. She yells. He fixes her tears and says we’ve united, Durga Maa is your witness for it. Mohini believes of Moloy’s cries and words. She believes of Prerna. She gets clothing from the cabinet. Prerna says I need sangeet, mehendi, haldi, shehnais, long ghunghat, grand wedding, all. Anurag claims all of your fantasies will be fulfilled tomorrow. She smiles. They espouse. He says that I love you. She says that I love you also. He says we’ll jointly face the tests of existence. She awakens and hugs. Ronit inquires how long are you going to remain within the space. Komolika says I Need to go outside and fulfill Anurag, I’m living

For him, I must convince him to repay the scores, Anurag slid from my hands, he’s just mine, I’ll get him. Mohini asks that is better.
Anurag claims this does not seem your kind. She smiles and says its own for Prerna. She reveals red saree. He states this one. She says I understand, I liked it, each Saas offers bridal wear for her Bahu, you understand Prerna’s choice, I desired you to pick. He says I’ll prepare and come, if you’re going to meet with her. He hugs her and says that I get double happy when I see you happy. He belongs. Kumud says you’ve confessed that servant daughter eventually. Mohini says I understand Anurag is quite joyful, nothing is more imp than me, I don’t have any alternative. Kumud says what it is you’re doing is accepting defeat, Prerna is making you bend low, she’ll force you to dance. Mohini asks her to go and perform her job. Kumud says its Durga Maa’s desire, poison will reveal its impact. She belongs. Anurag comes to Prerna and collides with her. She has hurt. He inquires are you currently fine. She says I’m little hurt. Mohini comes. Anurag states this is love, not stress. Mohini claims sorry. Anurag claims sorry, mum can also be here. Mohini provides shagun lahenga into Prerna. She’s her ancestral bangles additionally.

She blesses them. Prerna is going to touch her toes. Mohini hugs her. Anurag hugs them. Moloy and Anupam grin. Moloy says I’m so satisfied. Mr. Bajaj comes. He states I’d stolen your union day out of your life, I’m providing you the back again, I’ve already made all of the arrangements. Moloy says we believed we’ll perform the agreements. Mr. Bajaj says time was , I could not sleep through the night and made calls to organize matters. Kuki says I’ll make my mumma prepared. Mr. Bajaj asks them to prepare. Mohini and everybody go. Anupam reveals the sherwani. Moloy thanks him to the Kurta. He asks what exactly are you wearing in the day. Anupam says I will not inform you, its own Diwali clothing. Moloy sees other garments.

Anupam asks him to proceed. Mohini asks will be the agreements done. Kumud says , when is Nivedita coming. Tapur says she’s fine, she only had a plaster inside her hand. Kumud inquires how did she fall. Tanvi states Rishabh, its true, I told everything to Anurag, I’m sorry. Mr. Bajaj says its alright. He belongs to Anurag and states looking great. Anurag thanks him. He says I need to examine regarding the pandit. Maasi says it is possible to conceal it but I will see its hard for you. Mr. Bajaj says that I will endure as far as I can, then I shall head, their love is true. Pandit comes and claims there’s 1 hour to the mahurat, I’d come first, there was large Durga puja, I needed to disperse Mata chunri there, I’m glad viewing Moloy on his toes. Moloy states Mata’s blessing. Mohini compliments and smiles Anurag.

She believes I’m afraid that Prerna is arriving in his lifetime. Ronit gets stunned and finishes the call. Komolika asks what occurred, was it that the physician’s telephone, did he say anything. Ronit says noit was my buddy’s call, he explained Mr. Bajaj divorced Prerna. She smiles and says bad woman, I feel so awful for her, Mr. Bajaj does not desire her in his lifetime, she deserves extreme, no… just what a minute, it signifies Prerna and Anurag are together again. Ronit says , they will marry. She has stunned. She asks if is your union. He states now. She says , I can not permit this to happen, Anurag is my love, he can not marry anybody else, I’ll inform him that I’m Komolika, Anurag remains my husband, I must stop this marriage.