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The Episode begins with Kartik asking children to come for Raavan dahan. Kairav says we will not come, we’ve got work. Kartik inquires why is he running away from me, did anything occur. Naira claims no, do not think much, perhaps he’s likely some mischief. Naksh comes and claims sorry Kartik, I advised a lot. She asks him to have great hopes. Vedika says I really don’t see my triumph over my previous wicked, I must go. She packs a tote. She states Kartik’s birthday is coming, will I not, I need to correct this first. Surekha is mad. Dadi gets mad on her and asks her to assist others. She inquires whom are you calling, your household went for Vipassana. Surekha says I had been speaking to my buddy. Vedika leaves at the vehicle. Dadi inquires why did not Vedika come. Suwarna says do not understand, I’d called her. Dadi States

We can not postpone Raavan dahan, why did you let her move. Gayu says perhaps she did not want to come. Dadi says we will begin it today. Vedika asks driver to stop the car and goes. Kartik retains Kairav.
Kairav gets off. Vansh asks are you really moving back to Goa. Kairav states no. Kartik sees them says they’re having some key. Naira states Gayu and I were such. Manish asks who’ll take the arrow to burn off Raavan. Kairav states Ram, Vansh will take the arrow. Bhabhimaa asks them to simply remember their struggles and awful items, burn it with all the Raavan. Kartik and Naira remember their struggles. Everyone closes eyes and prays. Kairav recalls the struggle and extends from your effigy. He says I will not visit Goa. Everybody calls out Kairav. Vansh shoots the arrow and burns off the Raavan. Kairav says I do not wish to visit Goa. Kartik and Naira find him run . Kartik retains the effigy from falling. Naira takes Kairav and has off. Kartik drops apart. Everyone rushes. Naira asks are you currently fine. Kartik says I’m handsome, how is Kairav. She says he’s fine. Kartik comes to Kairav and scolds him. He asks why did you move there, you became Laxman, you ought to have stood with Ram, why did you do so. Kairav Requires Naira. Kartik states you scared us, Naira clarify him. Naira asks him to calm down. Kairav runs. Naira says that he got scared, I’ll go. Kartik states if anything happened to himI would have died also. Manish consoles .

Kartik says I only have panic in my thoughts, I would like to make certain my child remains happy and safe with me. He yells. Samarth asks him to calm down. Dadi says we have saved from a significant issue. Vedika walks on the street. Kairav cries. Naira asks are you currently nice, speak to me. Kairav says dad scolded me. She asks him to recognize his error. Suwarna asks Naira to allow it to be, Kairav is going to be OK, he’s simply mad. Kartik comes. Naira signs . Kartik goes. Samarth scolds Vansh. He asks did you teach this to Kairav, do not lie . Gayu asks him to stop scolding Vansh.

Vansh yells and claims Kairav… Goa… Gayu asks Samarth to not frighten him. Samarth says he’s acting. Manish asks them to quit arguing. Dadi scolds them. Samarth goes. Dadi says we will depart today. Devyaani claims take the prasad. Kartik sees Kairav sleeping. Naira states we elders scold children and feel guilty, you speak to him . Kartik says it had been his very first Dussehra. Naira says he several occasions, he used to forget the following day, his rage will get off, you receive a toy for him, children are dads’ fan, they’re unfair. Kartik states no, children are honest, they say whatever they believe. She asks him to get ready for the birthday, move home, Vedika will be waiting.

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The Episode begins with Naira saying everybody asked me to abort the kid, but I have run off, everybody calls me a coward, I do not repent to run off, and I’m pleased to run off, ” I did correct. Kartik says , you did right. Naira says Kairav was born nicely, he’s with us now. He asks where did you move from that point. She says one that places us trouble gives us courage, so I went from that point. She cries and prays. She says my baby was growing normally after a while, I did not have cash, I had no family support, I gave my very best to himI have always attempted to keep him happy. Everybody yells. Kartik asks her to stop it today, he’s already ashamed. He apologizes to her.

He states I’m a poor husband, poor father in addition to a lousy individual. Kartik and Naira shout. Kartik apologizes to the courtroom.
He asks the judge to dismiss the case and provide Kairav’s only custody to Naira, only she needs to take his life’s choices. The judge says that you have come to court to your love of your kid, this love made you draw the situation, congrats, this case is disregarded today. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Naira sees Kartik leaving. She says I understand you’re in much more pain. Kumar asks Singhanias to go home, he’ll observe the legal obligations. Naksh says that I told you, Naira will not take this step with no reason, she is not wrong constantly. He goes to view Naira. Suwarna says occasionally things could get won with love, not struggle, Kartik and Naira will not hurt their kid, they finished their struggle for Kairav’s sake. Samarth asks where’s Kartik.

Kartik says I’m such a poor guy, Naira should despise me, I pushed her to leave the home, I make her conduct, she is not a coward, she’d uttered a lot to rescue my kid and also make me a dad, she risked her life to rescue the kid, when Krish’s reality came out, she’s tolerated everything independently, just how did I uncertainty on herhow do I feel if anybody doubted I would hurt my kid, Naira uttered this as she enjoys her kid, what would I do, I do not deserve to be referred to as a dad. He sits yelling. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa state you’ve increased Kairav alone, Akshara utilized to perform such things that amazed us, you’re with her.

Naksh states Lord gave courage to you girls, he gave anger and self love to guys. Devyaani inquires what exactly will you do today. Naira gets Kartik’s message also goes out to speak. Rahein na kyu pehle jaise….plays…. They state sorry, thank God that situation got over. She says we do not understand we think alike or shed words we say the exact same thing. Kartik says I’m sorry for all, thanks to increasing my son with love, I’m with your choice, you’ve concealed my errors from him, therefore that he does not despise me, he’ll be a fantastic man when he’s with you. She states do not state this, sorry, thanks to anything you’ve done now, like being Kairav’s great father. He states I’m ashamed and would like to hurt myself.

She says please do not think so. He says alright, you punish me. She asks him to go home. He says I do not deserve love or family. Vansh drops Kairav house. Kairav sees Kartik and Naira. He believes of Naira’s tears. He yells and runs off. Naira asks Kartik to calm down, what obtained fine today. Kartik asks her to simply do what is best for Kairav. She states we will pick it together, you’re imp portion of the life, and always be, so I won’t leave him away from you. Kairav runs within the home and cries. Naira says birthday of yours and your kid. Kartik inquires is his birthday arriving at precisely the exact same month, wow, when is his birthday, same week. Naira states same day, date. He smiles and asks badly, date. He hugs her. They grin.


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The Episode starts with motorist coming to telephone Kartik. Kartik says dad has called me to go to the court. Naira asks what is the need. Kartik says court must decide, that is imp, we must go there. He recalls Kairav. She cries. Damini says I will show them the complete film now. Her helper says but will they come now. Kartik comes and asks her to complete the case today. Damini says sure, you did not get any candy now. He asks her to not misbehave with Naira from the courtroom, no such question that hurts her. She says your emotions will sink you one day. He asks her to listen. Naksh looks on. He states he must calm down after hearing your choice, look he’s so mad and fighting, he’s provoking the attorney, Kairav is your kid, he has the rights on him. She says I have
Taken the decision and can not change it now, emotions will be connected to relations. Naksh says that he took it on self, he does not care for your insult. She says he enjoys Kairav, its justified, we will go in now.

The court hearing begins. Naira apologizes to judge for her error. Damini says you’ve last opportunity to get Kairav now. Kartik looks on. Damini says I wish to ask my questions to Naira. She says Naira, you’re a coward, you played with victim card and ran away, you’re cunning, manipulative and blessed, Kartik did not oppose her, he chose the aid of court to receive his kid, Naira is a careless mother, Kairav has run away in the home, many times Kartik got him home, he did not trouble you, he encouraged you constantly, what did you give himcheat, guilt and sorrow, you are not even a good man, you do not deserve…. Kartik shouts enough and hits the table. He yells just shut up, how dare you tell anything about my Naira. Naira cries. Morey saiyyan….plays…. . Judge asks what is happening, its wrong to do this at the courtroom. Kartik says it wasn’t intentional, sorry, I must say something. Judge asks him to come in the mailbox. Damini angrily sits.

Vansh arrives to meet Kairav. He asks did you eliminate the game, why are you unhappy. Kairav says that my parents are fighting. Vansh says my parents also struggle, I won’t fight with my spouse once I become a dad. Kairav says there’s much time, I really don’t like when this occurs. Vansh hugs him and says their struggle will end. Kairav says I feel unhappy, why did dad get mad on mum, she’s so good. Vansh says Kartik is also great, maybe she did some mistake, he changed a lot, mum said he’s much worried. Kairav says if my mom shouts again, then I shall ask daddy.

Kartik says Naira is not a bad mother, you do not know her, we know her, we know she’s great, she was a fantastic daughter, bahu and a fantastic mother, best, Kairav is blessed, we’ve got issues, my rage, complains and betrayal are at one location, Naira is a fantastic man, we struggled and I told her a lot, she would have felt much awful. He says sorry, Naira, it occurs in anger, forgive me, it is possible to punish me, courtroom is not involve in this, but I can not tolerate the incorrect blames on Naira, I recently met Kairav, I obtained much attached, I get angry thinking to go away from him, just think what could Naira undergo believing her kid is getting snatched, Naira is my kid’s mother and dad, and did a great deal for him, I was snatching the motive for her life, I had been blind in ego and registered case on her, she was just thinking of her child, she had a big heart, she’s about to give Kairav’s sole custody for me, she’s told this to me, I wanted to take revenge, I stayed away from her, Naira was protecting our child, she is not a bad mother, I m a lousy dad.

Yeh rishta…plays… the family looks on and yells. Kartik states Naira explained me what I should do, I’ve done many mistakes, I wish to rectify all errors, I advised Damini I must draw this case, even then she told all this about Naira, sorry, I wish to draw this case, I ask the court to give Kairav’s sole custody for his mommy, Naira Singhania. He says I’m sure Naira had last choice to go for diplomatic alternative, else she would have never done this. He apologizes to Naira. He says I’m sorry for hurting you so much. She cries and says it was bad time, I was helpless to bear all that. He asks her to say what happened. He states please let her state.

Judge stops Damini. Naira says everything was fine, then one day… FB reveals…. Doctor says infant’s growth is not happening well, is there any issue. Naira says no, I’m taking right quantity of food, drugs on time, I’m walking too. Doctor says we must do your tests . Kartik inquires what had come from the evaluations, what happened to Kairav. She says I prayed that kid stays fine, physician asked me to abort the child, everybody around me asked exactly the same, that infant’s life will be rough, I did not agree, I took lots of opinions and everybody said the same, I got helpless, Liza filled the form, I wasn’t in my senses, then suddenly… FB reveals Doctor preparing Naira for the abortion process. Naira thinks of Kartik and cries. She hears a baby requesting her not to abort him, he loves her a lot. FB ends. Naira and Kartik shout.