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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein18th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Natasha Angers Arijit

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Arijit considering asking the guy to notify him around Yug. He bribes the guy. He believes my kidnapping program will match nicely, I’ll inform Raman which I’ll assist him and accept him to get company excursion, the kidnapping attribute is going to be on Sunil along with Natasha, trust me. Thia calls him and claims that I needed to go for Neeti’s drugs, I can not leave her lonely, will you get the medications, I talked to the chemist, he’s kept everything prepared. He says alright, please contact her. Malhotra inquires where are you really moving. Arijit states that I have a personal crisis, I will just come. Malhotra says that I will provide bad news to everybody. Arijit calls chemist and inquires will be Neeti’s drugs prepared, fine, I’m coming. The chemist says that a guy is arriving to take the medications. Aaliya says Ruhi, Ishita went to inquire about the

chemist. Ishita states a guy will get medications, possibly Neeti’s daddy. Arijit is sold there. Aaliya states you are able to spot Thia, maybe not that guy, it’s hopeless. Ishita says I’ll stand and go indoors. Aaliya states its not secure. Yug calls Aaliya. Raman calls Ishita. Yug yells and says everything. Aaliya gets stunned. Raman says that I must have assessed the tender after, its a large mistake. Ishita says relax, what will sort out. Arijit goes indoors. Aaliya states Yug is yelling, we must go, please return. They depart.
Aaliya worries for Yug. Ishita says calm down nothing will occur, we’ll type it out. She predicts Ruhi and asks me to achieve office quickly. Ruhi inquires why. Ishita states come into the workplace. Karan says telephone Yug and inquire him. Ruhi says he pitched the telephone. Karan says perhaps he’s in fulfilling. Arijit buys drugs. Chemist asks did you really fulfill this woman. Arijit asks that. The chemist says she had been here, she had been waiting because long. Arijit believes if a nurse arrived, why didn’t call me. He inquires was it that the nurse. Chemist claims no, some woman asked for a physician’s number. Arijit clarifies Ishita. Chemist says . Arijit reveals Ishita’s pic. The chemist says , she had been the one.

Arijit says hello we were planning to meet, I’ll fulfill with her, thanks. Chemist states give me a number, I’ll contribute to her. Arijit says its alright, I’ll phone her up, thanks. He believes how did Ishita attain here. Tara enjoys the space. Natasha scolds her. Sunil arrives and asks Tara to head out. Tara asks her to not scold Sunil, that he had been lonely, he phoned her and told all. He states I’m speaking, please. Natasha asks her to head out. Tara goes. Natasha says you’re so ridiculous. Sunil states I arrived here in order to assist you, I did not understand my entire life will change. She asks what would you tell her about people I will kill you when you informed about diamonds and cash. He says , trust me, she does not understand it. She says good, you can remain here with your GF in my area, visit her. He belongs.

Yug states I checked many occasions, I can not make this kind of mistake. Raman scolds him. Karan says calm down, so we’ll speak to this corporation. Raman says they is not believing , I advised them that somebody has altered the quote, but they do not think so since that the envelope was sealed, so we must meet the contract, else we must pay the punishment. Yug says I’ll definitely go and beg them. Raman says its business enterprise, its own error, I must have stuffed the tender, and you do not understand running company. Yug states make me from the business. Raman says closed up now, allow me to consider what to do. Yug goes.

Arijit includes home. He requests Thia to test medications. He says do not go to this chemist, Ishita must understand about chemist, she attained there. She says that we must purchase medicines several how. He states we will speak to a wholesaler to provide medications in the home. She says I understand somebody. He says good, assess the door before launching, Ishita can achieve here, I’m concerned about Neeti. She asks him to not be worried. He inquires is Neeti nice. She says , she’s sleeping. He belongs. He also gets a phone from Bhuvan. He says I’ll fulfill Raman and encounter, they’re behaving oversmart.

Ishita states give a opportunity to Yug, he understands the worth of a zero, and we’re cruel. She asks Karan to telephone Yug. Ruhi says , there needs to be some thing wrong. Yug says that I did not fill incorrect tender, daddy is not listening to me personally. Aaliya states I hope you. Raman claims that this company isn’t only me personally, but everybody. Yug states I trusted him if his face shifted, why can not he trust . Arijit states because Raman’s business is at stake, his company is imp in relation to household. Raman states we will come on streets due to Yug’s error. Arijit says household was imp into Raman, before there was Adi rather Yug.

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