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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2019 Upcoming Story: Natasha Angers Arijit

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Arijit stating Adi has been Raman’s real boy, Yug is namesake son, Yug created a large error, its apparent that Raman got mad, I also did not like his behaviour. Raman states I did not yell that Yug is not Adi, there’s absolutely not any gap, but I cried for his error. Karan comes. Arijit stops speaking. Karan states Ishimaa is phoning you. Yug claims inform her that I abandoned. Aaliya inquires why. He says that I can not face this. He belongs. Karan states Aaliya chose Yug on a driveway, Yug was upset. Raman claims , Yug took Aaliya, his self is large, therefore he does not need to confront us, I simply can not deal with this. Arijit comes. He says that I just fulfilled Yug, I believe Raman must give some distance to Yug, else he’ll believe Raman is now his enemy.

Ishita inquires why are you speaking . Arijit States

I understand I should not talk between investors gave this job to me personally, eliminate Yug in this undertaking. Raman states what crap, that is different endeavor. Arijit says investors’re stating Yug can not deal with any undertaking, they’ll take their money back, I’m trying hard to convince themyou need to make from the undertaking. He believes I shall keep you participated in thisparticular, I’ll observe how Ishita comes following my union. Ishita and Ruhi come house using Raman and Karan. Simmi inquires approximately Neeti’s chemist. Ruhi says I’ve advised them. Mihika inquires did anybody come there. Ishita states no. Mr. Bhalla states we will celebrate now, its own Yug’s very first contract, its his achievement. Mrs. Bhalla says that I obtained Mata Rani gold coin to get Yug. Raman worries.
Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to drink smoke. Mrs. Bhalla insists. Ruhi asks Karan to handle them. She goes to Speak to Ishita and Raman. Sunil asks Tara to hear in Arijit’s home, she can not remain with him. Tara asks would you come back to meet with me. Natasha says , sure. Arijit becomes mad. Bhuvan inquires will she remain here . Arijit asks Sunil to remain here too, Tara has come from far. He states Natasha advised that there ought to be a person to care for Tara. Natasha says nice, remain here Sunil. Arijit says sweet, fine few, Bhuvan have the guest room ready. He also scolds Natasha. She argues. Tara asks what is the hand cuffs. Raman yells on Yug.

Ishita and Ruhi attempt to calm him. Ishita states Yug can be tensed. Ruhi says perhaps he phoned me, I did not check the telephone, Aaliya has messaged me . Raman checks and states she did not message anything. He predicts Yug and states he’s switched off his cell phone. Ishita says that I shall call Aaliya. Aaliya asks Yug to allow her answer the telephone. Yug does not listen. Raman states Yug brainwashed her. Ishita requests him to unwind. Mani asks Aaliya to answer the telephone. He answers the telephone. Ishita inquires are both Yug and Aaliya in your location. Mani says . Ishita says that I was asking them . Mani states Yug has been stressed. Raman says request him to not run, come home and then speak for us to receive a solution. Yug says I’m not operating, I just want some time,” I wish to be with people who expect me. Raman asks do not you would like to return. Yug says I’ll sort out this and come home, I’ll remain here with Appa. Ruhi says its alright. Raman says that he believes we’re his enemies, watch just how he had been talking to me personally. He yells on the phone also becoming mad.

Ruhi says that I do not understand how, you need to clarify dad. Ishita asks Raman to come downstairs, whatever everybody will inquire. Mr. Bhalla comes and inquires where are Yug and Aaliya. Raman says that he will not come home now. Ishita says they’re with Mani, they’ve gone for supper. Raman inquires why are you hanging. Tara inquires Sunil where did he catch her. Arijit asks what occurred. Sunil says unwind. Tara says that we ought to notify authorities, I will not remain here. Natasha asks Arijit to handle this issue now. Bhuvan says I had been discovering the handcuffs, its own imitation one, toy cuffs, my son loves to perform chor authorities. Arijit asks him to not play these games. They move.

Sunil asks Natasha to sit . Arijit inquires how do you overlook that, go and toss it. Bhuvan claims sorry. Natasha states keep it secure, you may use it in order to kidnap Shardul, Tara is ditch, I understand you are offenders, I’m sure you’ve kidnapped many individuals earlier, kidnap Shardul, I’ll move then. Arijit asks her to escape. She says that I know you can not hurt me, I’ve got evidence of your offenses, I’m departing Tara here, my job needs to be performed. Arijit asks her to depart. He worries.

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