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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2019 Upcoming Story: Yug Signs The Resignation

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2019 Upcoming Story on


The Episode begins with Raman telling Mr. Bhalla that Yug is hiding at Mani’s house. He says Yug does not value me, he stuffed low amount tender so that he got the job, the business is forcing us to finish the job, Yug has run off. Mr. Bhalla consoles . He says you’ve also put the business in such loss once you joined. Raman says but I did not run away. Mr. Bhalla says you’d run away, we kept the home mortgaged, I did not allow you to go, then you worked hard and got everything back, you’d much guilt and did not want to confront me, I know you can do anything once you decide it. Ishita says Yug is feeling guilty, he can not confront you, everybody makes him feel that he is not a Bhalla, we ought to give him a time.

Ruhi says , its Yug’s mistake, we all confronted everything alone. Raman says fine. Its morning, Yug says Raman did not call me. He gets a headache. Aaliya consoles him. Mani asks them to have breakfast. Yug says I do not need to eat food. Mani asks him to possess it. Karan says and comes Ruhi did not let me have breakfast, Ishimaa has sent breakfast for Yug. Aaliya asks did not Ishita come. Karan says we’ll have breakfast . Yug says Ruhi has delivered the breakfast, she did not come. Karan says she moved to office. Yug says I know they’re mad on me, so that they did not come. Karan says they’ve gone to office with daddy, we’ll think how to repair this. Yug gets mad and asks why do you do so. Mani says calm down, have the breakfast. Yug says I do not want to consume it. Aaliya says Ishita has not prepared this. Karan says she’s made this. Yug says stop it, Ishita knows I do not like chillies, she did not make it, do not lie. Karan says sorry, I need you to return home, mother made the cook prepare this vada. Aaliya asks why did not anyone call us. Mani says maybe they would like to offer you space.

Yug receives a call. He leaves for office. Mani asks Aaliya to not worry. He also goes. Malhotra asks Arijit not to worry, he’s learnt this from him. Raman and everybody come and inquire the issue. Malhotra says sign the papers Yug, its written you will resign from Bhalla’s group CEO post, else we’ll withdraw the support. Arijit asks why do you do so. Raman says you should have asked me. Malhotra says its your family matter, we’ve got no confidence in Yug, if you would like to take his side, I will not be part of this business anymore. Yug signs the papers. Raman asks what did you do. Yug goes. Karan goes to speak to him. Arijit thinks my strategy worked. Ruhi and Karan request Yug to listen. Yug says daddy wanted me to resign, so I did so. Ruhi asks what, who told you this. Yug says dad did not support me, I’m not his blood, why will he encourage me. Ruhi says you did not give him an opportunity, you made a blunder, daddy is badly trapped, he was finding an answer, you did not hear, did you inquire, you signed the papers, why. Yug says yesI made this blunder, fine, I did right by signing the papers, enough. He goes. Mani comes and asks where’s Yug. Ruhi says what is wrong with him, he walked outside. Karan says I will speak to him. Mani says let him calm down, I will speak to Yug, I believe Raman is angry with me, I’m going today. He goes. Yug says something is actually wrong. Karan says he should haven’t signed it. Raman asks did Yug get angry. Ishita says he resigned for your own sake. Raman inquires why would I need this. She says you did not say anything. He says he did not give me a opportunity to talk, I’m MD and have some obligation towards shareholders. She says calm down, Karan will get him.

Karan and Ruhi come. Raman says Yug did not come, what is this mindset, did he go insane. Karan says he travelled to Mani’s house. Raman says he’s running away, we won’t speak to him, I will manage him my way. Natasha takes breakfast. Sunil and Tara come home. Tara says I’m very hungry, thanks. She drinks the tea. Natasha says its my cup of tea. Tara says what, you can make it . Sunil takes Natasha aside. He says its matter of few days, there’s absolutely not any servant at Arijit’s home, she does not know cooking, I do not have cash to order food. Tara asks her to make breakfast. Sunil asks her to sit out. Natasha says once I get Shardul, I will be away from here. Aaliya asks why did you step. Yug says investors do not want me to operate in Bhalla business. She inquires did not dad stop you. He says why will he quit me, I’m not Adi, he had pity on me and gave me put in his home, he did not support me. She says there’s some misunderstanding, I will speak to him. Yug says please do not talk about it, if you respect me.

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