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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2019 Upcoming Story: Natasha’s Arrogant Behavior

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode Begins with Mani coming to Speak to Yug. Yug goes and fails. Aaliya says that he is not listening, he’s acting odd, what will I do. Mani says he’s upset, lets give him a time. Arijit wins the chess game. Malhotra praises him. Arijit says I redirected Bhallas about job possible, I must watch on these. Malhotra says you’re great, I must be with you, not one can defeat you into the sport. Arijit asks him to look at his movement. Thia calls him says Neeti is going to be OK. Arijit says thanks, Neeti is pleased with you. Thia says its own obligation. Arijit states Ishita, today manage your loved ones and reveal, I’ll observe how long you get, trust me, you won’t receive any moment, if there’s another Tadka in this drama, it’ll be fun.

Ishita sees the purchasing bags. Mihika States

We only carried the luggage. Mrs. Bhalla states we did plenty of shopping, I obtained this saree for you. Ishita inquires why. Mrs. Bhalla inquires how did you overlook, its Karwachauth tomorrowI m planning for Ruhi and Aaliya’s Karwachauth too, I obtained all of the products. Ishita claims sorry. Mrs. Bhalla asks where are Aaliya and Yug, they’d gone for supper. Raman says they’re at Mani’s home. Ishita states Mani is lonely, so they’re staying there. She inquires Raman to not show anger facing mummy ji, she could get worried and possess a vertigo attack. Raman says fine, do what you would like. He belongs. Ishita says its only his job pressure. Simmi asks what occurred at office. Ruhi says I’ll tell you everything. Tara talks with her mommy. She calls out Natasha. She says I’m keeping quickly for Sunil, you need to get Sargi for me personally. Natasha argues. She says fine, I shall also stay fast. Tara asks for that which, Shardul is not here. Natasha says do not ask me, prepare and come.
Simmi asks what happened to Yug, he was not unreasonable. Ruhi says daddy should not be mad, Yug isn’t accepting his error. Ishita states Aaliya and Yug will come home on Karwachauth, we’ll speak to them. Natasha comes residence. She says that you can not quit me its a struggle, lets see whose rapid Shardul breaks, mine or yours.

Ishita says I will not allow you to get near Raman. Natasha says lets see whose rapid breaks . She has inside. Natasha pushes Ishita. Ruhi scolds her. Raman comes and asks Natasha to proceed. Natasha states Ishita has pushed me, she’ll kill me. He yells enough, are you really angry, I’m not Shardul, I’m Raman, get out. Natasha leaves. She goes home and becoming mad. Tara asks her to come for shopping. Natasha says I’m not coming with you. She yells on Tara. Tara asks her why is she mad. Sunil asks Tara to come in. Arijit calls Natasha. He asks why are you crying. She states I went to fulfill Shardul, I desired Shardul to break my fast, Ishita spoiled my day. He states it means you’re maintaining a quick for him. She says , it is going to be fun if he breaks my quick facing Ishita.

He believes Raman is blessed, two girls kept fast because of him. He says you ought to keep the quick, inform me if you want my help. She inquires really. He says . She states take Tara from here, I will not have the ability to insult Ishita. He states relax, utilize Tara and attempt to input Bhalla house. She thanks him. He says that I will only enjoy the play. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla find structures. Raman asks what is happening. Mrs. Bhalla states Ishita will give sargi into Aaliya, she requested me to not come. Raman says that I shall go with her for the interest, I’m upset with Yug. She asks what exactly did Yug do. Ishita states they struggle for smaller things. Ruhi asks Ishita to Speak to Sudha. Ishita asks Sudha to come home. She states Sudha is arriving in the afternoon using sargi to get Ruhi, Ruhi can decide whether or not she wishes to stay not. Ruhi says fine, I’ll continue to keep the quick. They grin. Ishita prays.

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