Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kartik Supports Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th October 2019 Upcoming Story on


The Episode starts with motorist coming to telephone Kartik. Kartik says dad has called me to go to the court. Naira asks what is the need. Kartik says court must decide, that is imp, we must go there. He recalls Kairav. She cries. Damini says I will show them the complete film now. Her helper says but will they come now. Kartik comes and asks her to complete the case today. Damini says sure, you did not get any candy now. He asks her to not misbehave with Naira from the courtroom, no such question that hurts her. She says your emotions will sink you one day. He asks her to listen. Naksh looks on. He states he must calm down after hearing your choice, look he’s so mad and fighting, he’s provoking the attorney, Kairav is your kid, he has the rights on him. She says I have
Taken the decision and can not change it now, emotions will be connected to relations. Naksh says that he took it on self, he does not care for your insult. She says he enjoys Kairav, its justified, we will go in now.

The court hearing begins. Naira apologizes to judge for her error. Damini says you’ve last opportunity to get Kairav now. Kartik looks on. Damini says I wish to ask my questions to Naira. She says Naira, you’re a coward, you played with victim card and ran away, you’re cunning, manipulative and blessed, Kartik did not oppose her, he chose the aid of court to receive his kid, Naira is a careless mother, Kairav has run away in the home, many times Kartik got him home, he did not trouble you, he encouraged you constantly, what did you give himcheat, guilt and sorrow, you are not even a good man, you do not deserve…. Kartik shouts enough and hits the table. He yells just shut up, how dare you tell anything about my Naira. Naira cries. Morey saiyyan….plays…. . Judge asks what is happening, its wrong to do this at the courtroom. Kartik says it wasn’t intentional, sorry, I must say something. Judge asks him to come in the mailbox. Damini angrily sits.

Vansh arrives to meet Kairav. He asks did you eliminate the game, why are you unhappy. Kairav says that my parents are fighting. Vansh says my parents also struggle, I won’t fight with my spouse once I become a dad. Kairav says there’s much time, I really don’t like when this occurs. Vansh hugs him and says their struggle will end. Kairav says I feel unhappy, why did dad get mad on mum, she’s so good. Vansh says Kartik is also great, maybe she did some mistake, he changed a lot, mum said he’s much worried. Kairav says if my mom shouts again, then I shall ask daddy.

Kartik says Naira is not a bad mother, you do not know her, we know her, we know she’s great, she was a fantastic daughter, bahu and a fantastic mother, best, Kairav is blessed, we’ve got issues, my rage, complains and betrayal are at one location, Naira is a fantastic man, we struggled and I told her a lot, she would have felt much awful. He says sorry, Naira, it occurs in anger, forgive me, it is possible to punish me, courtroom is not involve in this, but I can not tolerate the incorrect blames on Naira, I recently met Kairav, I obtained much attached, I get angry thinking to go away from him, just think what could Naira undergo believing her kid is getting snatched, Naira is my kid’s mother and dad, and did a great deal for him, I was snatching the motive for her life, I had been blind in ego and registered case on her, she was just thinking of her child, she had a big heart, she’s about to give Kairav’s sole custody for me, she’s told this to me, I wanted to take revenge, I stayed away from her, Naira was protecting our child, she is not a bad mother, I m a lousy dad.

Yeh rishta…plays… the family looks on and yells. Kartik states Naira explained me what I should do, I’ve done many mistakes, I wish to rectify all errors, I advised Damini I must draw this case, even then she told all this about Naira, sorry, I wish to draw this case, I ask the court to give Kairav’s sole custody for his mommy, Naira Singhania. He says I’m sure Naira had last choice to go for diplomatic alternative, else she would have never done this. He apologizes to Naira. He says I’m sorry for hurting you so much. She cries and says it was bad time, I was helpless to bear all that. He asks her to say what happened. He states please let her state.

Judge stops Damini. Naira says everything was fine, then one day… FB reveals…. Doctor says infant’s growth is not happening well, is there any issue. Naira says no, I’m taking right quantity of food, drugs on time, I’m walking too. Doctor says we must do your tests . Kartik inquires what had come from the evaluations, what happened to Kairav. She says I prayed that kid stays fine, physician asked me to abort the child, everybody around me asked exactly the same, that infant’s life will be rough, I did not agree, I took lots of opinions and everybody said the same, I got helpless, Liza filled the form, I wasn’t in my senses, then suddenly… FB reveals Doctor preparing Naira for the abortion process. Naira thinks of Kartik and cries. She hears a baby requesting her not to abort him, he loves her a lot. FB ends. Naira and Kartik shout.


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