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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kartik Feels Much Guilty

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Naira saying everybody asked me to abort the kid, but I have run off, everybody calls me a coward, I do not repent to run off, and I’m pleased to run off, ” I did correct. Kartik says , you did right. Naira says Kairav was born nicely, he’s with us now. He asks where did you move from that point. She says one that places us trouble gives us courage, so I went from that point. She cries and prays. She says my baby was growing normally after a while, I did not have cash, I had no family support, I gave my very best to himI have always attempted to keep him happy. Everybody yells. Kartik asks her to stop it today, he’s already ashamed. He apologizes to her.

He states I’m a poor husband, poor father in addition to a lousy individual. Kartik and Naira shout. Kartik apologizes to the courtroom.
He asks the judge to dismiss the case and provide Kairav’s only custody to Naira, only she needs to take his life’s choices. The judge says that you have come to court to your love of your kid, this love made you draw the situation, congrats, this case is disregarded today. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Naira sees Kartik leaving. She says I understand you’re in much more pain. Kumar asks Singhanias to go home, he’ll observe the legal obligations. Naksh says that I told you, Naira will not take this step with no reason, she is not wrong constantly. He goes to view Naira. Suwarna says occasionally things could get won with love, not struggle, Kartik and Naira will not hurt their kid, they finished their struggle for Kairav’s sake. Samarth asks where’s Kartik.

Kartik says I’m such a poor guy, Naira should despise me, I pushed her to leave the home, I make her conduct, she is not a coward, she’d uttered a lot to rescue my kid and also make me a dad, she risked her life to rescue the kid, when Krish’s reality came out, she’s tolerated everything independently, just how did I uncertainty on herhow do I feel if anybody doubted I would hurt my kid, Naira uttered this as she enjoys her kid, what would I do, I do not deserve to be referred to as a dad. He sits yelling. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa state you’ve increased Kairav alone, Akshara utilized to perform such things that amazed us, you’re with her.

Naksh states Lord gave courage to you girls, he gave anger and self love to guys. Devyaani inquires what exactly will you do today. Naira gets Kartik’s message also goes out to speak. Rahein na kyu pehle jaise….plays…. They state sorry, thank God that situation got over. She says we do not understand we think alike or shed words we say the exact same thing. Kartik says I’m sorry for all, thanks to increasing my son with love, I’m with your choice, you’ve concealed my errors from him, therefore that he does not despise me, he’ll be a fantastic man when he’s with you. She states do not state this, sorry, thanks to anything you’ve done now, like being Kairav’s great father. He states I’m ashamed and would like to hurt myself.

She says please do not think so. He says alright, you punish me. She asks him to go home. He says I do not deserve love or family. Vansh drops Kairav house. Kairav sees Kartik and Naira. He believes of Naira’s tears. He yells and runs off. Naira asks Kartik to calm down, what obtained fine today. Kartik asks her to simply do what is best for Kairav. She states we will pick it together, you’re imp portion of the life, and always be, so I won’t leave him away from you. Kairav runs within the home and cries. Naira says birthday of yours and your kid. Kartik inquires is his birthday arriving at precisely the exact same month, wow, when is his birthday, same week. Naira states same day, date. He smiles and asks badly, date. He hugs her. They grin.


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