Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kairav Locks Himself In Cupboard

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Kartik stating I’m so dumb, I did not inquire Kairav about his birthday. Naira says you did not get time. Kartik says , I did not see date of arrival in medical records. Naira says only age is written inside. He says , we could observe my Kairav’s birthday I heard such matters, but its accurate. She says yes, its true, this afternoon will be unique for us, Kairav will observe the day with you. Kairav locks himself cupboard. Naira says that he used to wait patiently for you constantly, I did not inform him that your birthday also falls on same day, I will tell him this moment, he’ll be so pleased. He states I’m so happy, I’ll make the day really special. She says that I will not prevent you, watching you two together, everybody will be glad, Dadi must ward off poor sight many
times. They laugh. Kairav yells and says daddy fights mum that is why she’s sad.

Kartik states I wish to jump thankfully, you used to begin observing as soon as the birthday month came. Naksh looks for Kairav. Kartik says that he went outside with Vansh. Naksh states no, Kairav was shed home. Naira says that he did not come home. Kartik says , we all were here. They see the soccer. Naira says its Kairav’s soccer. Kartik states where’s Kairav. Kairav knocks the cabinet and coughs. Everybody appears for him. Naira says we fear once we do not find the child, we ought to check the home. Kairav faints. Naira sees the lace and states Kairav had worn out that shoe now. She runs into the cabinet and opens it. Kartik and Naira get shocked seeing Kairav. They shout.

Pallavi inquires Vedika are you nice, why did not you telephone me. Vedika says I’m fine. Pallavi asks what is happening, tell me. Vansh arrives to perform with. Vedika finishes the call. She worries. Doctor checks Kairav and states he’s from danger, explain him that he’s done wrong. Naksh stares at Kartik. Naira says perhaps he got locked unintentionally. Kartik says I believe he’s angry. Naksh says , for you. He drags Kartik outside and says you’re the difficulty for Kairav, we do these things, children hide when they’re upset, we must clarify them. Naira says perhaps Kairav and Vansh needed a struggle. Naksh states no, Kairav can listen to everything, perhaps he must know about your struggle. Naira says we did not inform you. Naksh says he’d understand that, else why would he respond in this way.

Bhabhimaa and Kairav hear Naksh crying. Naksh says Kartik is accountable for it, he left Naira shout so much. He inquires Kartik did he consider Naira and Kairav. He states Naira believed of Kairav, afterward Kartik recognized that guilt, its because of himNaira went to Mumbai for him, Naira dropped her memory, Naira went to Goa and faked dead due to Kartik, Naira needed to watch as much sorrow due to Kartik. Kartik nods and yells. Kairav hears them. Naksh says if Kairav wakes up, we’ll make him speak to you. Kartik goes. Naira arrives to Kairav and inquires why did you sit and go in the cabinet. Kairav claims sorry, it occurred by mistake. She states assure that you will not do so again. He states guarantee, you’re world’s greatest mother, I will not trouble you, are you really unhappy. She says , I was fearful, I’m happy. He says that you don’t look great once you shout. She says I’m not crying, I’ll call the physician. Devyaani says that it was incorrect Naksh, Kartik did errors, Naira also did errors, Kartik does not understand that Naira is doing so due to Vedika. Naksh states Kartik must know that Naira is mother. Bhabhimaa states Kartik is daddy of Kairav, we’ll invite Goenkas for supper.

Naksh states no demand. Naksh sees Vedika. Kartik comes home and has Naira’s telephone. He inquires is Kairav nice. Naira says , unwind, I know you’d have responded the exact same way if it had been Kirti within my location, Naksh told that at anger. He says when he’s accurate… She says I’m at fault, I wished to take Kairav into Goa, perhaps he must understand this or not, we are both responsible. Kartik claims thanks Naira, your voice gave me power. She states consider the birthday, did you get that spring into your toes, dance, jump. He smiles and says its own Dussehra too, did Kairav watch it. She says , you reveal it. He states done. She says we’ll begin on a positive note. He states I had been thinking… She asks him to state.

He says I’ve no right, I’m only asking, if you can, do not take Kairav much far. He finishes call. She worries and believes of Vedika.


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