Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kartik And Naira Celebrate Dussehra

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episodes Begins with Vedika coming to Naira. She says you wished to meet me, sorry for all. Naira says do not believe so, its our destiny. Vedika says when I did not inform about divorce afterward… Naira says anybody else could have advised it, I must say sorry, so I assured you and could not depart Udaipur, I can not leave today, whatever happened, I should not create Kairav from his daddy, he’s much influenced by our struggle, its my error, I thought of everybody but none of him, I’m his mom and can observe something bothering him, children sense the thing, so he’s indeed quiet and missing, we’ll remain here, your along with Kartik’s life will not change it, I guarantee, say anything.

Naira says what is there to say, you chose yourself. She sees Kartik, Naira and Kairav pic. She gets
A telephone and leaves. Dadi states Bhabhimaa predicted, I scolded Naira so much, even then she wishes to forget about everything and maintain old stipulations, she invited us for supper on Dussehra. Manish says its great thing, we’ll also try our best, in order that everything will get nice. Kartik gets Naira’s message. Naira writes… your and Kairav’s birthday present is that, we’re not likely to Kairav. Kartik informs this to Dadi. Everybody becomes happy. Gayu states no 1 thought of Vedika.

Dadi says she ought to be joyful, Kartik is from the trouble, she must also get her share of time and love. Kartik believes of Naira. He says we will do Dussehra trainings. He belongs. Manish says that he does not need to chat about Vedika, its incorrect. Dadi says everything will be OK. Vedika says that I will attempt to tell everybody. A person throws a ball within the chunk. She sees Vedu written onto it. She has stunned. Bhabhimaa asks are you really not pleased. Naira states I know my limitations, but Kartik’s love for Kairav, do not understand… Devyaani says time will heal all wounds, give them a time. Naksh says , if you maintain tensed face, I’ll get mad on Kartik, its time to get celebration. Devyaani says we will pick the menu.

Naksh assesses the flight ticket and states its best to cancel this. He receives a message also goes. Kairav sees the tickets. He says I need to remain with everybody here. He gets mad. Suwarna asks Vedika to prepare, they’re likely to Singhania home. Vedika sees the notepad and pencil. She sits to compose. She receives the call . She disconnects. She’s a letter and retains it. She prays. Naira inquires Kairav why is he unhappy. Kairav asks for Vansh. She inquires did anybody say anything. Vansh and everybody comes. Kairav belongs to them. He hugs Vansh. Kairav says that he seems so sweet. Naira believes Vedika did not come. Everyone hugs and kisses Kairav. Kairav recalls Kartik and Naira fighting.

Kartik asks what occurred. Vansh says we must practice today. Vansh and Kairav operate. Kartik states what happened to him. Manish says that you left me run a lot and gave me mindset in youth, I’m joking. Naira greets Dadi and provides greatest wishes for Dussehra. Dadi remembers her words and yells. She hugs Naira. She apologizes.

Naira says its alright, do not say so. She inquires Kartik did not Vedika come. Kartik says no, she moved to meet somebody. She says thank God. He inquires. He thanks . She asks him to assist her in setting up the idol. Bhabhimaa, Devyaani, Dadi and Suwarna talk. Dadi says that I heard Naira is not likely to Goa, I’m glad to understand this, Kairav will remain here, I’ll try my best to not interfere in their own lives. Devyaani says we’ll also attempt not to interfere with Kartik and Vedika’s lives. Kairav says he’s really fine and discussions with love, he loves you and me, why can he become mad on mum. Vansh says my father is identical, he’s mad on me. Kairav says when we remained in Goa, mom used to get gloomy, she keeps yelling , I’ve hidden Goa tickets, so I do not wish to move there, give me a thought. Vansh states you do something, you fall ill, you won’t move Goa. Kairav asks the way to fall ill. Vansh states I do not understand. They laugh. Kairav asks him to consider a thought shortly.

Vansh says if you can not fall sick, you’ll get hurt. Kartik gets scared seeing Raavan idol. Naira jokes. Raahatein….plays…. He states wow, you did it nicely. She says I’m helping you. He says wait, I’m helping you. She says exactly the same matter. He says that you go, I’ll make it independently. She says fine, I’ll go. He says I can not do it independently. They assert. She says we’ll finish our internal Raavan for this Raavan. He says we could attempt.

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