Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kartik And Naira Rescue Kairav

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Kartik asking children to come for Raavan dahan. Kairav says we will not come, we’ve got work. Kartik inquires why is he running away from me, did anything occur. Naira claims no, do not think much, perhaps he’s likely some mischief. Naksh comes and claims sorry Kartik, I advised a lot. She asks him to have great hopes. Vedika says I really don’t see my triumph over my previous wicked, I must go. She packs a tote. She states Kartik’s birthday is coming, will I not, I need to correct this first. Surekha is mad. Dadi gets mad on her and asks her to assist others. She inquires whom are you calling, your household went for Vipassana. Surekha says I had been speaking to my buddy. Vedika leaves at the vehicle. Dadi inquires why did not Vedika come. Suwarna says do not understand, I’d called her. Dadi States

We can not postpone Raavan dahan, why did you let her move. Gayu says perhaps she did not want to come. Dadi says we will begin it today. Vedika asks driver to stop the car and goes. Kartik retains Kairav.
Kairav gets off. Vansh asks are you really moving back to Goa. Kairav states no. Kartik sees them says they’re having some key. Naira states Gayu and I were such. Manish asks who’ll take the arrow to burn off Raavan. Kairav states Ram, Vansh will take the arrow. Bhabhimaa asks them to simply remember their struggles and awful items, burn it with all the Raavan. Kartik and Naira remember their struggles. Everyone closes eyes and prays. Kairav recalls the struggle and extends from your effigy. He says I will not visit Goa. Everybody calls out Kairav. Vansh shoots the arrow and burns off the Raavan. Kairav says I do not wish to visit Goa. Kartik and Naira find him run . Kartik retains the effigy from falling. Naira takes Kairav and has off. Kartik drops apart. Everyone rushes. Naira asks are you currently fine. Kartik says I’m handsome, how is Kairav. She says he’s fine. Kartik comes to Kairav and scolds him. He asks why did you move there, you became Laxman, you ought to have stood with Ram, why did you do so. Kairav Requires Naira. Kartik states you scared us, Naira clarify him. Naira asks him to calm down. Kairav runs. Naira says that he got scared, I’ll go. Kartik states if anything happened to himI would have died also. Manish consoles .

Kartik says I only have panic in my thoughts, I would like to make certain my child remains happy and safe with me. He yells. Samarth asks him to calm down. Dadi says we have saved from a significant issue. Vedika walks on the street. Kairav cries. Naira asks are you currently nice, speak to me. Kairav says dad scolded me. She asks him to recognize his error. Suwarna asks Naira to allow it to be, Kairav is going to be OK, he’s simply mad. Kartik comes. Naira signs . Kartik goes. Samarth scolds Vansh. He asks did you teach this to Kairav, do not lie . Gayu asks him to stop scolding Vansh.

Vansh yells and claims Kairav… Goa… Gayu asks Samarth to not frighten him. Samarth says he’s acting. Manish asks them to quit arguing. Dadi scolds them. Samarth goes. Dadi says we will depart today. Devyaani claims take the prasad. Kartik sees Kairav sleeping. Naira states we elders scold children and feel guilty, you speak to him . Kartik says it had been his very first Dussehra. Naira says he several occasions, he used to forget the following day, his rage will get off, you receive a toy for him, children are dads’ fan, they’re unfair. Kartik states no, children are honest, they say whatever they believe. She asks him to get ready for the birthday, move home, Vedika will be waiting.

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