Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kairav Stays Away From Kartik

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Kartik inquiring was that this imp to state, do not taunt. Naira states no. He states do not say it. She states sorry. They grin. Kartik asks Kairav to overlook everything and be happy tomorrow. He says we’ll play games and love, I was only scared because I love you a great deal. He belongs. Kairav states Papa is poor, he scolded me. Suwarna calls Vedika. She says I’d met her, she stated she’s to fulfill somebody seeing the exhibition. Dadi inquires did she speak to you. Surekha understands the letter. Kartik reads… I’m going to America to fulfill Bua, she’s much unwell, her neighbor advised me, Bua would like to meet with me, sorry I did not get time to inform anybody, I do not need to spoil your disposition, I’ll call you later reaching America. Dadi gets mad.

Manish says she got psychological and moved to her Bua. Dadi says she might have named us. Surekha says she will not be here on Kartik’s birthday. Suwarna says it’s great, Naira will be there on Kairav’s birthday. Manish says everything happens for good. Kairav recalls Kartik’s words. Naksh asks what happened to him. Naira says his disposition will be nice once Kartik comes, I need to bake a cake. Naksh says I’ll bake it. She states we will create cakes. He states Kairav and Kartik’s birthday is on precisely the exact same afternoon, does Kairav know that. Naira recalls creating two cakes consistently and wanting Kartik in your heart. She yells and says Kairav does not understand that Kartik and his birthday falls on same moment. Naksh says that he is going to be pleased, do not worry, everything is going to be ready in Krishna, simply bake the cake and purchase presents for Kairav. She says that I was thinking to discover work. He says everybody should operate, you’ve taken a large step to your self respect, I understand you will increase Kairav alone, you’re capable.

Devyaani says , we all are together with you. Naira thank them for encouraging her consistently. Naksh jokes. He inquires will you design jewelry or anything else. She recalls Mihir and states no, I’ll try out some dancing academy, Kartik has handled it until today. Bhabhimaa states where there’s a will, there’s a way. Naira states you’ll need to handle Kairav. Bhabhimaa states we will find a fantastic pass time. Devyaani says we’ll become a child for a while. Kairav states I hate my father. Vansh says I despise my father also. Kairav says that he scolded me. Vansh says my father scolded me, Kartik is not like my daddy, he’s cool.

Kairav states Naira saved me, my plan failed. Vansh states I was fearful. Kairav claims that was my strategy, what to do today. Vansh says that your birthday is forthcoming, you’ll be here before the birthday. Kairav says that I do not wish to be with daddy, we’ll think of a strategy. Vansh claims sorry, my father will penalize me. Kairav says I know, it’s alright. Kartik comes there and proceeds to get the file back. He speaks about the organizers and assesses presents. He asks for particular movie toys and games. He says I’ll convince Kairav. Manish and Suwarna grin. Manish says I can not express this joy. Suwarna says I’m sure he’ll develop into a fantastic father. Manish claims no doubt, I could not do anything for Kartik and Kirti. She says I did not indicate that.

Naira inquires Kairav what occurred. He says I need to go outside, stay with seniors fine, be a fantastic baby, do not become mad, I’ll call your daddy. He recalls Kartik. She says we’ll opt for birthday searching, yours along with Kartik’s birthday is coming. He inquires is it on a single day. She says, I did not tell you before because he could not come before. He receives Kartik’s telephone number. He answers the movie call and runs outside. Naira inquires where did he move. Kartik sees Naira on the movie call. She inquires Kairav to not play seek and hide. Kartik smiles seeing her. Chukar gai….plays…. She gets prepared and appears on her mobile phone. She sees Kartik on the movie call.

She says that you…. Because when are you call, it implies that it was your telephone, do not understand how did it get on, you ought to have disconnected. He states I attempted to terminate the telephone, but could not get my eyes off you. She says I’ll talk afterward. He asks when are you going to return, I needed to fulfill Kairav. She says that you can meet him anytime. He says I must go over birthday preparation. She states we will speak, I had been going to phone you, I’m not likely to Goa, I had been thinking to do something, I would like to be independent. He says, of course, you’re competent, it is possible to work anywhere you would like. He recalls Mihir. She yells and says that I will speak with you afterward. She disconnects the telephone. He states it is possible to work anywhere, I’ve no right to be this dumb now, I wish to apologize for you.

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