Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2019 Upcoming Story: Kartik Celebrates Kairav’s Birthday

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2019 Upcoming Story on

The Episode Begins with Kartik and Everybody Else Awaiting Kairav. Dadi says do not bother Kairav much, he’s ill, he’ll get upset. Manish says do not spoil his along with your mood by bothering him. Kartik states I know. He sees the automobile and dances. Suwarna stops him. Naira gets Kairav. Kartik waves into Kairav. Kairav recalls Naira crying. Kartik frees him and says happy birthday, so I hope you receive much happiness. He signals Naira. Naira asks Kairav to desire Kartik. Kairav says happy birthday. Kartik thanks and hugs him. Manish says we’re also in line, come on proceed. Kartik says its day. Manish says I’m your daddy.

Manish hugs Kairav and says that I love you the most. Kartik says Kairav understands the reality. Dadi says fact is, I adore Kairav the most. Everyone laughs. Suwarna wants Kairav.

She says all of us love you a whole lot, and would like you to remain happy always. Kairav yells her. Manish claims cheating, you did not kiss . Dadi says . Kairav says you trouble me. He yells everyone. Kartik proceeds to take kiss. Kairav asks for Vansh. Vansh comes and claims I moved to washroom. Kairav says you frequently visit washroom, want me today. Vansh wants him hugs. Kartik thanks Naira for attracting Kairav into them.
Naira says its his birthday, he does not have any fever today. He asks why is he appearing low, possibly due to wellbeing. She states let the celebration start, his disposition will be OK. He states I proposed a whole lot, I really hope he enjoys. Kartik asks Kairav to come. Kairav states I wish to visit Manish. Kartik states fine. Manish says I’m in demand. Kairav believes I will not visit daddy. Surekha messages somebody. Kartik and Naira attend the puja. They beg for Kairav’s pleasure. Kairav prays that Kartik does not hurt Naira or make her shout. He thinks I do not need this celebration, I do not need to celebrate birthday . Dadi makes Kairav signature the items by his palms. She wards off poor sight out of Kartik and Kairav. Kairav sees Naira standing off. Kartik states puja over and celebration starts today. Kairav asks Lord to assist him. Kairav has presents. Kartik says I have a few presents and Kairav is becoming many presents. Manish says Kartik is covetous of Kairav. Bhabhimaa presents Kartik and asks him to be happy.

Naksh wants Kartik and hugs. Naira understands the present. Rahen na kyu pehle jaise….plays…. She retains it back in her handbag. A guy given the bouquet. She states its own Kartik’s fav blossoms. She receives it. Kartik smiles. He states I thought you did not receive any present for me, thanks. He also reads the card…. Wish you a happy birthday, with a great deal of love, Vedika. He gets angry. He inquires Naira why is she yelling. He matches her. Kairav sees her shouts to telephone her. He hugs Naira.

Devyaani states Kairav is ill, so he wishes to be with Naira. Kartik signals Naira and goes. She asks what happened, are you really mad. Kairav sees Kartik and states no, I’m feeling tired. Naira says you slept a whole lot. She believes Kartik is indeed concerned. He believes sorry to lie, I’m angry on daddy. She signals Kartik. Kartik says welcome to the party, this party starts today. Naksh jokes. Kartik thanks Naksh for its lawsuit. Naksh states you’ll enjoy it now, look there. Kairav comes wearing the exact same suit. Everyone smiles. Kartik states twinning, whose thought was it. Naksh states Naira’s notion. Naira says you look great. Kartik Requires Kairav. Kairav says I’m feeling dizzy. He belongs to Naira. Kartik says very sorry. Naira says that he is going to be OK, begin the celebration. Kartik says we’ll play an awesome match, Kachori maze, I’ve made this match for Kairav, we’re Kachori fans. Naira remembers their instant.

Kartik states you need to acquire the Kachori platter. The children get happy. Naira says your daddy worked hard and left the Kachori maze, you’re so blessed. Kairav asks Naira to perform with. Naira states no, its your daddy and your fav match. He asks her to perform with, else he will not play. Everybody asks Naira to play and go with. Kartik signs . She says fine. Everybody laughs visiting the maze created in your home. Naira says we’ll go from various doors. Vansh says we’ll also play with this match, right. Gayu nods. Manish says we’ll go after that. Dadi says no, I’m scared. They joke. Kairav says daddy is poor, I’m playing for mommy’s sake. Naira inquires where are you currently Kairav. Kartik says I’m trapped, come along with saane me. They call out Kairav. Manish asks did you sit there. Kartik and Naira collide.


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